On Aug. 10, Tractor Supply Company, 219 E. Plaza Dr., Mooresville was the host of an animal swap offering the public a chance to stop by and engage with other animal lovers or provide the opportunity for attendees to either swap, trade or sell their small animals or livestock.

Kathy Worthley of Gastonia brought several cages of roosters with her on Saturday morning including a White Splash Polish rooster. And, she noted that while there, a couple families and several other individuals dropped by visit them.

Also participating in the event was Larry Bentley, who lives on the outskirts of Mooresville, who brought along several of his pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf goats. He noted that he had had several visitors come by to see him as well during the event.

In a release prior to the event, Katie Gunning, manager of the Mooresville Tractor Supply Company, noted that “as a leading retailer of livestock, animal and pet products, this is an event that speaks directly to the interests and lifestyle of our customers.”

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