Looking to get smashed? Smallcakes Cupcakery and Creamery in Mooresville can help.

The newest sweet shop in town debuted June 1, located in the Mooresville Crossing shopping center. With flavors such as maple bacon, wedding cake, brownie bling and Nutella cheesecake, Smallcakes is wooing customers of all ages in its first month.

“Mooresville has definitely given us a warm welcome,” said Rachel Solomon who brought the franchise to 591 River Highway Suite H alongside her husband, Bill.

Solomon wears many hats as she shares cupcake recipes with eager guests. She not only serves as the location’s owner and operator, but its baker who also enjoys greeting and assisting customers. “I want them to know who I am,” she said. “That I’m the baker.”

Wearing that title of baker – and owner – was a new and delicious venture for Solomon. This longtime Mooresville resident found herself living in Illinois and unhappy. After relocating for her husband’s career, the family was ready to return to Mooresville less than a year later. That, said Solomon, is when a desire to “do something different” led to Smallcakes.

“I was driving through Springfield and I see Smallcakes,” she said, noting that she and her husband were contemplating the dive into franchise ownership. “I volunteered to work in the store for free. I worked a few days … and said to myself, ‘Oh my gosh, I can do this.’”

The lifelong home-baker discovered her niche, but wanted to bring it to Mooresville, which was many miles from her Illinois location.

Said Solomon, “My husband says, ‘you’ve been training for this your whole life.’”

With the support of Bill and her four children, Solomon returned to North Carolina and brought Smallcakes with her.

The Solomons signed the Mooresville Crossing lease in November 2018 then utilized the next several months toward the store’s design and construction. They also educated themselves heavily on the Smallcakes brand – a popular franchise cupcakery featuring special and seasonal flavors, founded by Jeff Martin of Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” fame. Bill departed his career of 25 years as he and Rachel caved to the cupcake batter and their new business.

With a small staff of eight employees, the Solomons spend significant time at Smallcakes, ensuring scrumptious bites and mouthwatering photography to share on social media. Said Rachel Solomon, “I want [people] to come in, be happy, feel special.”

The small shop is filled with whimsy and a wow-factor that accompanies flavors of red velvet and pink chocolate alongside handmade ice cream, all fresh each and every day. With 250 recipes to share, including vegan and gluten friendly options, seasonal and daily specials roll out in addition to the Smallcakes specialty smashcake – decadent dollops of ice cream smashed with a jumbo cupcake and served in a collectable mason jar.

Said Bill Solomon, “We’re trying to come in and make a good impression on everyone in this town. If they’re going to spend their hard-earned time and money with us, it’s important to give them the best experience possible.”

And that, added Rachel, means greeting customers with glee, baking fresh cupcakes twice per day and providing a Mooresville location that inspires joy among every visitor.

Added Bill, “It was a tough year … but we wouldn’t be here right now if we didn’t go to Illinois. We didn’t know what we were going to Illinois for, but we found it.”

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