Marriage Licenses (copy)

North Carolina Public health restaurant and food-stand inspections in Iredell County, Nov. 24-30.

Andrew Finegan to Sarah Rhodes

Patrick Greene to Christina McElroy

Lee Dahlen to Ruth Davis

Dakota Conantgay to Logan Andrews-Martineau

Julio Hernandez Reyes to Ana Gutierrez

Sarah Richardson to Patrick Allred

Stacey Elliott to Dana Westfall

Johnny Manuel to Kathy Manuel

Linda Jimenez Ysa to Antonio Vargas

Lynne Anthony to Michael Starnes

Atasha Kennedy to James Coleman Jr.

Ruth Nantz to Ryan Whetzel

Levi Duncan to Heather Gose

Darian Knox to Susan Burnette

Renee Whitley to William Price

The following applications for marriage license were filled in the Iredell County Register of Deeds office from Nov. 24-30. The applications are valid for up to two months in the state of North Carolina.