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The Costco shopping center in Mooresville continues to grow with the addition of Culver’s — a Wisconsin-based swift service restaurant.

Still awaiting the official ground breaking along Talbert Road, Culver’s is expected to open in early 2020. The local franchise arrives in Mooresville from Andrew and Taylor Abbasi, a husband and wife who wanted to bring the company’s family values to southern Iredell County.

“From the outside, it looks like another burger joint, but it’s not,” said Andrew Abbasi.

Culver’s began in 1984 as a family endeavor from Craig and Lea Culver as well as Craig’s parents. Together, they debuted a restaurant boasting butter burgers and frozen custard to Sauk City, Wis. The franchise grew over the next 35 years, including establishments in Charlotte and Fort Mill. Now, the unique flavors are poised for arrival in Mooresville.

The Culver’s brand has long mainained its sharp focus on family and community. It delivers Wisconsin-cultivated products to restaurants across the nation that are owned and operated by families like the one that started the company. And the Abbasis fit the mold, partnering it with desire and excitement.

Said Taylor Abbasi, “We liked that focus on community and family rather than the hustle and bustle of a big city.”

The Abbasis — who met during law school — have dedicated significant time and energy to Culver’s thus far. Andrew relocated to Wisconsin for three months for restaurant training known as ButterBurger University. He returned to Mooresville with ample knowledge of the brand and the franchise that his family would grow near Interstate 77.

Mooresville’s upcoming Culver’s will feature the brand’s blue and gray color palette across indoor dining and an outdoor patio. Abbasi noted a relaxed environment to include an outside fireplace and a drive-thru. The local establishment will be hiring upwards of 80 employees for front-of-house and back-of-house positions — from managers, kitchen crew and cashiers to dedicated desserts roles and guest attendants. Abbasi mentioned optimism in hiring a diverse staff of all ages for the restaurant’s roles.

The robust menu for Mooresville’s location will highlight staples of the franchise, such as its famous butter burger, chicken cashew salad, thick-cut onion rings and frozen custard.

“It’s the best part of ice cream and the best part of soft serve together,” said Andrew of the frozen custard — vanilla, chocolate and a daily flavor — churned fresh every day with an accompaniment of more than 60 toppings. “I said to myself, ‘I need to own a machine that makes custard every day.’ And now I will.”

Guests can anticipate a slower pace to fast casual dining with food delivered to the table and a priority on excellent customer service.

Said Taylor, “We want you to have a moment with friends while eating cheese curds.”

Following opening, the Abbasis hope to cultivate relationships with area farmers to continue the Culver’s dedication to fresh ingredients and supportive partnerships. They also will share scholarships locally, including ones specific to FFA (Future Farmers of America), which is a Culver’s commitment.

“They want it family owned and operated,” said Andrew about Culver’s. “We want to reach out to the community. We want to give back.”

Plans for the establishment in Mooresville currently reside with the Iredell County Health Department. Once approved, Culver’s can break ground with an expected construction and training timeline of four months.

Added Taylor, “We wanted a family restaurant that prioritzes community. That’s why we chose Culver’s. That’s why we’re here. Every day, we get a little more excited. We’re enthusiastic and ready to go.”

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