For two months, from an unassuming location on downtown Mooresville’s Main Street, Your CBD Store and its owner have been sharing vast knowledge about one of the most trending topics in wellness – cannabidiol.

Paul Miles, who opened his shop at 174 N. Main St. on Jan. 7, works with customers one-on-one as they strive for pain management and preventative health help. And his customers are specifically seeking cannabidiol, or CBD, a non-intoxicating compound from the hemp plant that can cause positive changes for personal wellbeing.

“Most people come in this door because they don’t want side effects to the medications they are prescribed,” said Miles. “We take a personal approach to it. We work with your doctors. Sometimes it takes 45 minutes.”

Wrapped in a boutique atmopshere, Your CBD Store in downtown Mooresville welcomes guests into a unique shopping experience. Miles isn’t just armed with a considerable understanding of CBD and the products lining his clean shelving, but he’s receiving individuals of various ages into an open environment where every interested buyer can feel comfortable. Miles explains that customers range from 25 to 85, including an 85-year-old repeat visitor thus far, seeing results for allergies and asthma.

Said Bryan Gud of Davidson who visited Your CBD Store on Tuesday as a repeat customer, “We found that [CBD} has wonderful properties to help with pain and anxiety. It’s a new experience to everyone so it’s better to have someone [like Paul Miles] to guide you through this.”

Miles noted that he’s not only separating himself through knowledge, but the boutique feel, which excudes scents of lemongrass and cherry daily. “Even if they didn’t buy a product, I want people to say it’s beautiful to be in here. It’s that extra step of service we’re going to give here.”

Miles’ Mooresville locale is unlike the “head shops” many imagine in conjunction with the buzzword CBD. Rather, it’s a calming store of blue and white that includes a comfortable couch for those customers who arrive in pain from arthritis or disorders such as fibromyalgia, seeking help from CBD products. Your CBD Store highlights wooden floors and an exposed brick wall, features located in many of historic downtown’s destinations. The pristine environment has prominently displayed items, including an entire corner dedicated to dogs – products for ailing animals as well as a dog bowl and bed for those pets who visit the Main Street spot with an owner seeking CBD solutions for an ailing furry companion.

With immense insight into the body’s entire endocannabinoid system and an incredible ease describing how CBD can aid issues at the root of that system, Miles shares his learned knowledge with customers not to simply make a sale, but to improve their overall health.

“You can get your health back in a natural way,” added Miles, a native of Aiken, South Carolina. “It means a lot to me that people trust that this is working.”

Your CBD Store solely features SunMed CBD hemp plant products – high quality CBD items sold in all of the 200-and-growing Your CBD Store locations across the United States, including Mooresville.

Relocating to Race City USA following a successful career working in Alabama with award-winning and two-time James Beard Award finalist Chef Chris Hastings, Miles said he’s discovering a wonderful home in Mooresville – personally and for his new business venture. This entrepreneur, husband and new father said he’s quite enjoying sharing the knowledge of CBD with others.

“It’s about education, quality and transparency. It’s a boutique.”

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