Name: Willie Clement

Age: 74

Location: Harmony

Car year/make/model: 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Nickname: Daddy’s Toy

R&L: When and how did you acquire the car?

Willie Clement: I purchased my ’69 Chevelle at Dalton Motors in Lexington, North Carolina. I don’t know what year, but it has been in the family for over 25 years.

R&L: Tell us about your car (specs, restoration work, unique items).

Willie Clement: The car has been restored from fender to fender and door to door, including hood and trunk restoration with vinyl top, new paint and stripes.

R&L: Do you have a fun/interesting story about the car?

Willie Clement: I love to feel the power of a 396-big block when I’m changing from gears one to four.

R&L: What excites you most about owning this car?

Willie Clement: I love the fun of attending car shows and cruise-ins. I also have fun fellowshipping with other guys.