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Voters in Mooresville, seen during the primary in October, returned to the polls on Tuesday. 

Based on preliminary results, Mooresville Mayor Miles Atkins will serve another term after he narrowly defeated challenger Angela Stutts in Tuesday’s election.

Atkins received 1,795 or 51.9% of the vote cast while Stutts finished with 1,657 votes or 47.9%. The results will not be final until a canvass is completed.

Mooresville and Davidson voters overwhelmingly voted to approve the sale of the television/internet provider Continuum. The two entities voted earlier this year to sell Comtinuum to TDS Broadband Service for $80 million providing voters approved the sale.

More than 85% of the Mooresville voters who cast ballots approved the sale. Some 2,802 voters in Mooresville approved the sale while 485 or 14.7% voted against the sale. In Davidson, 32 voters or 94% cast yes votes while two or 5% voted against the sale.

All three incumbents on both the Mooresville Town Board of Commissioners and Mooresville Graded School District won re-election.

Bobby Compton, in the race for Commissioner-At-Large, won by a large margin, 2,092 votes or 66.9% while William Compton Jr. received 999 or 31.9%. Thurman Houston defeated James (Toodles) Ritchie to retain his Ward 2 seat. Houston received 398 or 65.6% of the votes while Ritchie received 208 or 34%.

Eddie Dingler ran unopposed for re-election to the Ward 1 seat. He received 889 or 97% of the vote. There were 27 write-in candidates.

In the race for the three seats on the Mooresville Graded School District Board of Education, Debbie Marsh was the leading vote-getter with 2,090 or 30%. Kerry Pennell was in second with 1,770 votes or 25.6% while Roger Hyatt garnered 1,702 or 24.6%. Challenger Scarlett Overbay-Inman received 1,139 or 19%.

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