It was a time to celebrate.

Coddle Creek elementary students performed various songs in a production at the school Friday to celebrate what principal Susan Fail said was the increasing diversity among the school’s student body.

The event, called “Who We Are: A Celebration of Diversity”, was separated into three different singing choirs — kindergarten and first grade, second and third grades, and fourth and fifth grades. The fourth- and fifth-graders also played songs on their recorders.

“It’s a great celebration that we are different, and it’s OK to be different,” Fail said.

Fail said that the school has students from 31 different countries.

“Learning and understanding that if we do it this way here, it isn’t necessarily the best way, and that there’s people out there that do things differently — different foods, different ways of celebrating things,” Fail said. “We try to focus on the kids that we have here, like from Ukraine, from Vietnam, and really focus in on their traditions.”

In the hallway during the performance there were displays of student projects of different countries around the world, such as Sri Lanka.

Fail said that Coddle Creek fifth-graders are preparing for a project where they will look at a local or global problem, research that problem, and determine how to bring attention to it or solve the problem.

“Kids need to learn and understand that not everyone looks and sounds like you and have a respectful appreciation of the world around us and understanding that life is beyond Coddle Creek, beyond Mooresville,” Fail said.

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