The Mooresville Graded School District kicked off the 2019-20 school year during its annual convocation ceremony honoring teachers and administrators Tuesday. 

The convocation ceremony was the first held in several years due to the ongoing construction of Mooresville High School’s Performing Arts Center. The Mooresville High School Marching Band welcomed hundreds of school employees, each wearing shirts designating the school where they work, to the performing art center’s auditorium.

Mooresville Graded School Board Chairman Roger Hyatt said during the ceremony’s opening remarks he was glad the teachers were present and excited to start the new year. “A bad day in Mooresville is better than a good day in a lot of other places,” Hyatt said. 

District Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Ingrid Medlock then announced awards for special employee achievements. 

Kaylor Kaemba, a teacher at East Mooresville Intermediate School, was named the 2019 Teacher of the Year and awarded keys to a Ford Fusion from Jeff and Grant Shoe of Mooresville Ford. 

“I told this committee I don’t deserve this and I don’t,” said Kaemba. “Because when I look out at ya’ll, I am blinded by greatness.”

“If I can see farther than others it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants,” Kaemba continued, quoting Sir Isaac Newton. “And it is giants that I stand on today,” said Kaemba. “My giants began with my parents.”

Her parents raised Kaemba and her siblings to know that humans have value and special gifts and talents, she said. And, when Kaemba arrived in the MGSD four years ago, she began climbing the shoulders of the giants she encountered, she said. 

Kaemba was selected out of six other candidates including Park View Elementary’s Chaunte Neely; Rocky River Elementary’s Stacie Eisenhofer; South Elementary’s Cheryl Rogers; Mooresville Intermediate’s Kimberlie DeVerna; Mooresville Middle’s Angela Ketchie and Mooresville High’s Brent “Dewey” Bustle.

The 2019 Assistant Principal of the Year award went to Mooresville High School’s Meredith Bost. The “2019 Principal of the Year” award was presented to Mooresville Middle School’s Ayana Robinson. 

Robinson said it was an honor to be a part of the Mooresville Graded School District.  “Every single person cares about every child that’s in their classroom and you don’t find that everywhere,” Robinson said. “This is just such a special place and it’s an honor to be just a part of this wonderful family and this wonderful team. You know at 233 Kistler Farm Road, it’s always a great day to be a Red Imp but it’s always a great day to be a member of the Mooresville Graded School District family and I hope you have an amazing school year.” 

Leanne Rose, a teacher at Park View Elementary School, was awarded the 2019 Beginning Teacher of the Year achievement. Rose was selected from six other candidates including Rocky River Elementary’s Catherine Daniels; South Elementary’s Jillian Campbell; East Mooresville Intermediate’s Julie McKeon; Mooresville Intermediate’s Page Turrittin; Mooresville Middle’s John Bustle and Mooresville High School’s Mackenzie Ballard. 


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