Cheryl Dortch

Cheryl Dortch

The Mooresville Graded Board of Education approved criteria Wednesday for the district to pursue the “Design-Build Delivery” method for future construction contracts, including the planned renovation and addition projects at Park View and South Elementary schools.

During the traditional method of construction, the district puts out requests for proposals, hires an architect and waits for the architect’s design, said Terry Haas, MGSD chief financial officer. The final design is put out to bid and a general contractor and other employees are hired to complete the project, Haas said.

The process creates a triangle with the school district, architect and general contractor making up the three sides, Haas said. “The design-build process we believe will make that a circle instead of a triangle,” Haas said.

In the Design-Build Delivery method, the school district hires one company to handle the entire design and construction process beginning with using that company’s architect. That company is responsible for bidding out to general contractors and sub-contractors, Haas said.

The cost of the project will have already been determined with that company and unless the school district changes the scope of the project, the cost will remain the same, Haas said.

If the project goes over budget, that company absorbs the extra cost, Haas said. If the project comes in under budget, the district will have saved money, she said.

Both Park View and South Elementary schools need HVAC system renovations and the addition of a “gymtorium,” a combination gymnasium and auditorium, according to the district. The HVAC system renovations must be completed during the summer when the students are gone and the design-build process would be the best option for the district to complete the projects in a timely manner, the district said.

The budget for these school projects totals $13.3 million and by using the Design-Build Delivery method, the construction process would be shortened, thereby reducing expenses related to delays in a traditional construction project, the district said.

Haas said there is no current timeline when the projects would begin.

Board Chairman Roger Hyatt said he liked the idea of not having to worry about project change orders that could affect the cost or timeline of construction projects. “That’s been a bug-a-boo for us over several projects,” Hyatt said.

After a few questions by board member Debbie Marsh, the Board of Education then unanimously approved criteria for the Design-Build Delivery method and authorized the district to move forward with the use of the method for the two elementary school construction projects.

In other business, the Board of Education unanimously approved hiring several school district personnel, including Cheryl Dortch as the new assistant principal of South Elementary School. Dortch has lived in Kentucky for the past five years teaching but prior to that worked in the MGSD as a teacher and assistant principal at South Elementary School.

The Board of Education will not meet again until Aug. 13 at 6 p.m. at the Mooresville Town Hall due to the summer break.

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