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Families, friends and supporters alike piled in to sit in the stands on a cloudy day to watch the seniors at South Iredell High School race across the track to celebrate their final triumph as the Class of 2019 – graduation.

As parents, family and friends arrived, flash flood watch alert sounded on many phones, but that could not keep the love for more than 300 graduations at bay. No inclement weather would be stopping the celebration of the long anticipated walk amidst horns, screams and ‘I love you’ coming from the crowd.


“Let me make this crystal clear,” Tim Ivey, South Iredell High School Principal said. “I am very, very proud of you.”

Ivey, explained how many think of graduation as an end to something but he believes it is the contrary. “Graduation is not an end but a beginning.”

Standing before the graduating class he continued to encourage them with words of motivation stating that he wants them to challenge themselves throughout their lives.

“Commit to holding yourself to high ethical standards you are ready Class of 2019… promise to never stop learning, now it is your time to amaze the world,” Ivey said.


Senior class Co-Presidents Thomas Meyer and Addison LaBelle gave speeches telling the class the best is yet to come.

“I encourage you to stay focused and reach your goals,” Meyer said. “Our watch here at South is ending but our new watch is just beginning.”

LaBelle also related to this concept of time in her speech as she remembered the times from freshman year to junior year which lead to this day, the end of senior year.

“Little did we know senior year would be a million times worse,” LaBelle said about coming into this year after the pressure and SATs of junior year.

With senior year also came with a countdown of anticipation of today, LaBelle stated, from days until fall break to Thanksgiving to Christmas and the list of breaks continued.

“We are now happily counting the minutes,” LaBelle said. “Class of 2019, the world is ours, let’s go get it.”


Sherry Cash, a South Iredell High School alum, graced the stage with a graduation speech all about each graduate being their best selves.

“I have found success in the Golden Rule … kindness is not a weakness,” Cash reminded the Class of 2019.

“Be passionate in life,” Cash said.

The only competition you have in life is with yourself, Cash stated. “Compete against yourself,” she encouraged.


During the ceremony, before the presentations of the diplomas there was a moment of the laying of flowers to represent all who did not make it to see the Class of 2019.

The colors of the flowers were symbolic as blue represented the family at South Iredell, the yellow was for the hope through all things and the white stood for the memories that will last forever.

“Today of all days we deeply and truly miss him,” Ivey said, as he choked up about the loss of a valuable member of Class of 2019. “We are both blessed and honored to have his family here today to accept his diploma.”


South Iredell enlisted their own students who achieved high academic excellence to read the names.

As each came to the microphone you could hear a “Hi mom” from a proud son or a celebration with themselves if they pronounced a classmates name flawlessly.

As beach balls were passed around, you could see many students such as Deja Everhart dancing across the stage or Tamya Leach clapping for herself or even Noah Dean saying “Oh my god!” as he crossed.

As tassels made their way to the other side of the cap, Ivey reminded students that they are always going to be a part of the South Iredell family.

“We will leave as we came in, as one unified unit of Vikings,” Ivey said.

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