Bullets strike interior of three Curtis Pond neighborhood homes Saturday; one bullet found in mattress

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Bullets struck the interior of three Curtis Pond homes Saturday afternoon in what appears to be an accidental shooting.

The Mooresville Police Department said Saturday it was investigating multiple reports of shots in the Curtis Pond neighborhood, according to officials.

There were no reports of injuries, according to a spokesperson for the Town of Mooresville.

Richard Anderson, who lives on Madelia Place, said he and his son, Caleb, a fifth-grade student, were home when they “heard a loud pop” at 3:03 p.m. Saturday.

Bullet 4

Caleb Anderson, 10, stands under where a bullet struck his Curtis Pond house Saturday and narrowly missed him as he was going upstairs.

Anderson came to the home’s entryway to investigate and saw a bullet lying on the tile floor by the front door. He also saw a hole and a smaller mark next to it in the wall by the front door.

Anderson, a former law enforcement officer, said he thinks the bullet entered the wall with such force it ricocheted off the carpeted stairs, narrowly missing Anderson’s son who had just walked upstairs, and bounced off the same wall it had entered before landing on the floor.

“I thought we were under attack,” Anderson said.

“I was pretty scared,” said Caleb, 10.

Caleb’s mother, Karen Anderson, said if her son had been walking up the stairs just a few seconds later, he would have been hit by the bullet.

“I’m mad,” Karen Anderson said. “I’m still in shock. I keep thinking ‘what if.’”

Anderson said he then armed himself and went outside to search for the perpetrator. But a neighbor outside had seen nothing out of the ordinary, he said. Anderson then thought it might be police officers using the nearby firing range because it sounded like he had heard “hundreds” of shots before and after his house was hit, he said.

A detective with the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office told Anderson it was a group of six or seven people shooting from Johnson Dairy Road that accidentally shot into the neighborhood, he said. Anderson said the detective told him the group was shooting weapons, including rifles, upward at railroad ties from a low spot on the property.

Anderson said the detective told him a local magistrate declined to charge the group with firing into an occupied dwelling because they did not intend to shoot into the homes and because it was difficult to determine who had actually shot the rounds that entered the homes.

bullet 5

Caleb Anderson, 10, looks back as he remembers walking up the stairs moments before a bullet struck his Curtis Pond house on Saturday hitting the stairs and landing on the tile floor near his front door.

Iredell County District Attorney Sarah Kirkman would be determining possible charges Monday, Anderson said.

Two other homes in Curtis Pond, one on Elba Drive and another on Glennallen Road, were also affected Saturday by the shooting.

The woman who answered the door at the Elba Drive home, Kristina Lee, had no comment.

Jose and Yany Garza, who live on Glennallen Road, were at home with their three children Saturday when a bullet came through their second-floor master bedroom window breaking the glass and tearing the blinds and curtains.

bullet 3

Richard Anderson says he found this bullet in the floor after hearing the shots. 

Yany Garza was listening to music and putting away laundry just feet from the window when she saw the window glass break, she said. She called her husband Jose upstairs to help her determine what had happened.

“I thought somebody got mad and threw a rock through the window because of the music,” Jose Garza said.

Unsure, the couple called the Mooresville Police Department who helped them search the room. Pulling back the comforter and sheets on the couple’s bed, a bullet was found partly embedded in the mattress, Yany Garza said.

“She started to panic,” Jose Garza said, of his wife, once the bullet was discovered.

“I just don’t want to think about it,” Yany Garza said.

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