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Mooresville’s Board of Commissioners unanimously agreed to spend more than $1 million for a new police station.

The contract with Balfour-Beatty Construction LLC, is for $1,191,000 for design services resulting in construction documents and the delivery of a guaranteed maximum price to build the new police station.

A budget amendment will be required in order to move forward with the project.

The current budget for architectural and engineering services is $832,528; the amended budget amount will increase $358,472.

The board members discussed which construction company’s proposal to accept.

“It is a qualification based selection and we received nine proposals from builders and we had very meticulous scoring process compliant to the state statue,” said Chris Wyckoff, facilities director at the Town of Mooresville.

“On Aug. 3, we announced the three qualified builders that we would move on to the next phase in our selection process,” Wyckoff said.

Wyckoff described the process as trying but with great results.

“Each group was given an interview and a chance to produce some concepts and present to a panel,” Wyckoff said. “(The process included) site visits to their existing facilities (and those involved) spoke with references (and looked) at their builder strength and experience with public safety.”

“... We would like to move forward with Balfour-Beatty.”

Balfour-Beatty is from Charlotte and designed the Charles Mack Citizen Center, Wyckoff said. It has designed police stations, including two in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, and has also done work for the Catawba justice system.

“They understand the design process, they are a proven team … they actually won the Design Builder Association’s Award for Best Design Build Project in 2016, I believe,” Wyckoff said. “We feel that they would be a great ally and partner in building us a new police facility.”

The plan is for a police station that should last until 2045 and takes expansion and growth in mind with development, Wyckoff said.

Town Manager Randy Hemann recalled working on a design-build project when working in High Point and praised its ability to be on time and under budget.

“The thing that is great about a design-build project is you will develop with the amount that you are going to spend and what it is with the developer and architect team and they will sign off on agreeing that they are going to build to that level,” Hemann said.

“So this is a great cost control method and I have seen it work well and I am glad we chose to go this direction.”

The location for the new police department is not set yet, but Commissioner Lisa Qualls praised the idea of the new police department not being too far east or west but instead representing OneMooresville.

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