Moon Landing

Discovery Place Science, 301 North Tryon St., Charlotte, will celebrate the 50th anniversary of man landing on the moon with a series of special events that will take visitors to infinity and beyond. These activities have been made possible thanks to a contribution from Honeywell.

Events will launch on July 16, when the Museum will Blast Off in honor of the beginning of Apollo 11’s historic flight to the moon. On July 20, the museum will mark the anniversary of the moon landing with a To the Moon and Beyond event. Visitors can create a pocket solar system, interact with members of the Charlotte Astronomy Club, use a solar viewer to look at the sun, use space math to find out their weight on other planets, test out their astronaut skills with hands-on activities, go inside the Star Lab to get a better view of space, see a real meteorite and other space-related items from the Collections Department and learn about how astronauts are using DNA sequencing in space.

What goes up, must come down and on July 24, Discovery Place Science will welcome astronauts home with a Back to Earth event. Visitors will participate in egg-drop challenges in which visitors can try to land an egg safely into a pool of water. Plus, at 1 p.m., guests can take part in a virtual chat with a NASA staff member about the initiatives NASA has planned for the future, including the mission to Mars.

Space activities are taking place throughout the month at the museum in daily programs, including how astronomers use filtered light; the mapping of rising sea levels and NASA’s Jason-3 spacecraft; static electricity and magnetic waves; the expanding universe; the sun; gravity; modular robots; space weight and much more.

“We are grateful for Honeywell’s recognition of our space programming as valuable and educational for the Charlotte community and appreciate the company’s generous contribution to enhance our efforts,” said Juliann Chavez, director of public experiences. “Partnerships such as this one allow us to connect our visitors with the past, engage them in the present and prepare them for the future. As Honeywell often points out, ‘The future is what we make it,’ and Discovery Place Science aims to make it bright.”

The space invasion at Discovery Place Science will continue through September, with intergalactic adventures taking place each month.

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