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I-77 Mobility Partners has announced that the southern section of I-77 Express from I-485 to I-277 in uptown Charlotte will open tonight, beginning at 8. With Saturday’s opening, drivers will now be able to use all 26-miles of I-77 Express.

“Since I-77 Express opened on June 1 in the Lake Norman area, more than 2.7 million trips have been taken on the express lanes by over 515,000 different vehicles,” said Javier Tamargo, CEO of I-77 Mobility Partners. “We are proud to make this private investment to develop the first managed lanes in North Carolina. Through partnership with NCDOT and Sugar Creek Construction, we are able to deliver this project and other infrastructure improvements along the existing portion of I-77 sooner than traditional funding would have allowed for the State of North Carolina and motorists. I-77 Express adds a travel option to a key interstate corridor and a new component to the Charlotte region’s comprehensive transportation network.”

I-77 Express says that in October, average speeds during the morning rush hour increased by 15%, and speeds during the afternoon rush hour increased by 17% when compared to pre-opening speeds in October of 2018.

I-77 Express runs adjacent to the existing general purpose lanes. Drivers have the option of using the express lanes for more reliable travel times, the general purpose lanes or a combination of both. The number of free general purpose lanes remains the same.

In addition to the building of the express lanes, multiple structures were replaced, improved or newly constructed, including:

• New direct connector ramps at the I-277/Brookshire Freeway into and from I-77 Express;

• Replaced I-277 southbound ramp to I-77 Southbound ;

• Replaced Oaklawn Avenue bridge and added new sidewalks, bike lanes and lighting;

• Replaced LaSalle Street bridge and added new sidewalks, bike lanes and lighting, and extended ;

the I-77 on-ramp all the way to the I-85 interchange;

• New direct connector ramps providing access to I-85;

• Replaced Lakeview and Hambright Road bridges, and added sidewalks, bike lanes and lighting, and new direct connector ramps to I-77 Express. (Drivers will be able to access the Lakeview Road Direct Connector approximately one week after I-77 Express opens.) ;

• New pedestrian tunnel under I-77 in Huntersville for future connection of the Torrence Creek Greenway;

• New roundabouts at the Griffith Street Bridge for the Town of Davidson;

• Installed over one million square feet of noise walls along the corridor;

• Rehabilitated the general purpose lanes in the corridor.

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