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Good job, Iredell County.

The Lonely Children’s Fund surpassed its goal of $30,000 for this holiday season.

Residents across the county contributed early and often to help the 173 foster children within the county in a program that runs year-round.

One can still make donations. These go toward helping each of these children have a life that most take for granted. Prom dresses. School pictures. Field trips. It’s about a lot more than just the holidays.

For 2019, the group ended the year with $33,929 raised.

And some have already begun helping toward the 2020 goal with donations in early January.

Those will continue to be accepted year-round.

Thank you to the following for their contributions to the fund:

» Tom and Susan Davis, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Davis, $100

» Mary Destasio Trtee, $25

» Terry and Alice Harwell, in memory of twin sons, William and Thomas, $50

» Dianne and Richard Harrington, $25

» Men’s Bible Class at Forest Park Presbyterian Church, $300

» Dwight and Hilda Younger, $50

» David and Patricia Grove, $100

» Shirley and Joe Forge, in honor of Lenion Grove Fermented Fruit and Literary Society, $75

» Gerald and Debbie Sloan, $100

» James and Diane Smith, in memory of Nathan William Black, $100

» Mooresville Lawnscaping, $200

» Alice May, in memory of Paul May, $320

» Billy and Paula Steele, in honor of all our nieces and nephews, $100

» Elaine McLelland and family, in memory of Barry McLelland, $50

» Dewain Tabor and Patsy Tabor, in remembrance of Sherianne Denae Tabor, $100

» Anonymous, $50

» Dan Mitchell, $50

» Paul and Patricia Henkel, $50

» Barry and Patty Templeton, in honor of our grandchildren, $100

» Scotts Creek Animal Hospital, $100

» Iredell County Department of Tax Administration, $1,740

» J. Wilbur Cabe and Anna Cabe, in honor of Mary Cabe (mother); and grandchildren, Logan Butler, Conner Butler, Caroline Cabe, Liley Cabe, Emma Butler and Sydney Butler, $350

» Wanda and Junior Stafford, in honor of granddaughter, Sadie Rose Martin; and in memory of Anita J. Austin, Edd and Selma Tilley and Will and Cordie Stafford, $100

» Bankers Grove Baptist Church, adult Sunday school, $200

» Chad Shaver, in memory of grandparents, Leon and Josie and Hugh and Grace Shaver, in memory of brother Richard Bradley Shaver; in memory of his daughter, Madison Leigh Shaver; in memory of my Uncle Bobby Eugene Shaver; in memory of Aunt Shelby Jean Shaver; in memory of stepfather, Richard “Dick” Martin; in honor of my father, Richard “Jimbo” Shaver; in honor of my mother, Pat Mayberry Martin; thanks to all employees of Shaver Wood Products, Inc.; thanks to all employees of Lil Shavers & Shavers Forestry, $750

» Nimesha Shah and Zankhana Shah, in honor of Dhruv Shrina and Aneesha, $146

» Nimesha Shah and Zankhana Shah, in memory of Shrujal Amin, $146

» Roger and Annette Roark, $250

» J. Dale and Diane McLelland, $300

» Audrey Montgomery, in appreciation of my East Brook neighbors caroling and other kindness at Christmas, $25

» Almedia and William Baxter, $25

» Edwin and Jessica Laws, in honor of our grandchildren, Jude and Colton; and in memory of William Parker, $200

» Elton Wallace, in memory of Tony Wallace, $100

» France Hudler, in memory of my dear husband James Hudler, sweet son Tommy Hudler, $100

» Pat Murdock Dump Trucking, in honor of our grandchildren, Ben and Mackenzie Brown, Haley and Austin Murdock, $50

» Agnes Schneider and Chiara Wesemann, $500

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