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Statesville family nurse practitioner Lisa Mathis is living a double life - as author Layla Matthews.

Mathis has spent her life loving the health field; that experience trickles over into her new book “The Body Auction”. The book is best described as a medical suspense thriller that includes some everyday life horrors.

“The Body Auction” follows the journey of Layla Matthews after she wakes up from her own coffin, which is how she learns a group of physicians have discovered a way to make young women appear dead. Her journey uncovers the multi-million dollar industry of human trafficking.

When thinking about how intense this book might sound, one might assume it was written by an experienced author. In actuality this book was completely unplanned.

“It was a complete accident, it started as a short story,” Mathis said. “It kind of just happened.”

The short stories started with her own thoughts of “it would be horrible to be in a casket.”

One of her friends found her short story and thought it was good, so she sent it to a publisher without Mathis knowing. To Mathis’s surprise she was later contacted by the publisher about writing a book.

She has never done anything like this.

“I would have laughed at you so bad if you would have told me I would be doing this,” she said.

The book took around a year to complete as Mathis wrote it in her spare time. She says she based her book on the doctors in Statesville. Even though their names are completely changed, the book also starts off in a small town.

“They just love it … they’re my biggest fans … they know who is who,” Mathis said of her co-workers.

“The Body Auction” can be found for purchase on Amazon, Sweet Grass in Mooresville and at the Family Pharmacy in Statesville.

The book has been sold out at the Family Pharmacy and purchased by people all over the nation who have been interested in her speaking at their book club, Mathis said.

The popularity of the book has even trickled down into local library book clubs across the states, she says.

“Book clubs love it more than anything,” Mathis said.

With the support Mathis has been shown, she plans to continue on this journey as long as fans want more.

The book was written with a cliffhanger ending with the possibility of a sequel.

“The Body Auction” has drawn interest from screenwriters who would love to see the book in action, Mathis stated.

“I would love to see it in a screenplay because it is very current, I try to involve women power,” Mathis said.

Mathis is planning on a small book tour which would include states such as Indiana, Texas and Alabama.

Mathis also hopes to reach the local community through potential book signings and outreach activities such as auction events for a good cause.

She plans to continue to encourage the community with words such as,

“Anything is possible if you work hard and you put your mind to it … nothing is impossible if you work hard.”

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