Angela Stutts

As a 40-year resident of Mooresville I am passionate about our community and the people that live here. I recently celebrated my 30th anniversary with Bank of America where I have had the opportunity to serve in many leadership roles throughout my career. In 2017, I was selected by senior executives to participate as one of 200 women from across the Enterprise in a Women’s Executive Development Program. This program recognized strong female leaders from across the globe and provided valuable tools and mentoring to encourage growth in management roles internally. The last 10 years of my career have been in a compliance manager role covering anti-bribery and anti-corruption and ethics. I specialize in government ethics and have the unique advantage of analyzing the policies of municipalities across the United States which would be beneficial in ensuring that the town of Mooresville has robust policies and ordinances in place.

After talking to many friends, neighbors and business leaders in the community I realized that there is an overwhelming feeling that growth and infrastructure concerns fall on deaf ears. I am a supporter of growth and opportunity for Mooresville, however I feel that growth needs to be managed in a responsible manner that enhances the community and has the infrastructure in place to support it. The biggest issue I see facing the town currently is the explosive residential growth without the infrastructure in place to support that growth. Traffic congestion continues to be a huge concern and while there is a strategic plan in place for state road enhancements, construction on these projects is still years away. The strain the development places on the local school district is also a concern. While MGSD is a separate legal entity, independent budget decisions made by the town board impact the school district and the financial burden falls on the same local tax payer. The strain has already been seen within the school system with the need for two additional schools and a bond request was the topic of an Oct. 1 public hearing to obtain approval to put the bond on the March 2020 ballot.

Voters should vote for me if they expect a strong leader that is not politically connected. A leader that will foster transparent conversation and information sharing that is willing to work in collaboration with the citizens. As mayor I will also put the highest ethical practice in every decision and help to facilitate robust policy and policy adherence.

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