Darryl Cerro

Hello, my name is Darryl Cerro. I am a sole-proprietor businessman that is frugal with other peoples’ money and my own.

Previously, as an international marketing manager for electronics for Europe and the Middle East (World Trade Centers) and traveling to 14 countries and living in three, I have experienced all types of development. That allows me to see problems and solutions before other people see them. I grew up in Patchogue, New York, which is identical to Downtown Mooresville, that went into a serious decline and reinvented themselves and is now a very prosperous small town. For every serious problem there is a simple solution if you think out of the box.

There are many serious walkway trip hazards that cause falls in Mooresville. Instead of ripping up all the sidewalks for a few areas of concern, shave them down as you were doing before the road bond money. The town spends a fortune to over-chlorinate drinking water because (they) use suction pumps to irrigate, all at once drawing in dirt to water their properties with one-zone irrigation. Instead, they use power surrounding water pipes, which should be denied. I see problems and solutions before others see them. We need that in Mooresville for growth. I have an MBA in international finance and economics from Thunderbird University in Glendale, Arizona (American Graduate School of International Management) and a BA in business administration from Pace University in New York.

I am a Microsoft certified system engineer MCSE MCP + I and speak several languages.

I attend Hopewell Baptist Church and have two children that I am very proud of.

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