Ron Campurciani

Ron Campurciani has been named acting police chief. 

Ron Campurciani has been named acting police chief of the Mooresville Police Department.

On Monday, Interim Town Manager Ryan Rase announced the appointment of Campurciani, effective immediately, according to the Town of Mooresville. Police Chief Damon Williams remains on administrative leave, with pay. 

Campurciani will serve as Chief of Police while the outside investigation report by ISS Agency is being completed, an email from the Town states.

Campurciani is a 34-year veteran of law enforcement, having served most recently as the executive director of the Western Massachusetts Police Chief Association and prior to that as Chief of Police for West Springfield, Massachusetts.

“Based on the recommendation of our outside investigators and information I have reviewed to date, I made the decision to appoint an Acting Police Chief to enact immediate change in our Police Department,” Rase states, according to the statement. “I am comfortable in the knowledge and ability of Mr. Campurciani to lead this temporary situation.”

Gerald Childress will resume his normal duties as deputy chief; he had been filling in for Williams since the police chief was placed on administrative leave on Monday, June 3. Williams and Captain David Call will remain on administrative leave with pay, the Town states.

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