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North Carolina reported an increase of 758 COVID-19 cases Friday morning with a total of 21,618 cases.

The statewide coronavirus-related death total is 728 as of Friday morning, an increase of 12 since Thursday.

Iredell County now has 212 cases, the state reported. 

As of Friday, North Carolina has completed 303,224 tests, officials reported. There are 568 people currently hospitalized in the state with COVID-19.

Among neighboring counties, as of Friday morning’s report, Mecklenburg leads the state with 2,954 cases. It has 72 reported deaths.

Cabarrus County has 420 cases and 21 reported deaths, though the total does not include a Virginia resident who died in the county. Rowan has 585 cases and 25 deaths.

Catawba has 134 cases and three deaths. Davie has 62 cases and two deaths. Lincoln has 56 cases. Yadkin has 128 cases and one death. Wilkes has 462 cases and three deaths. Alexander has 23 cases.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reports cases in each ZIP code. The ZIP codes for Iredell County and case totals are as follow: in 27020, there are 24 cases; 27028, 42; 27055, 59; 28678, 1; 28634, 12; 28660, 5; 28636, 2; 28689, 5; 27013, 10; 28166, 7; 28677, 49 cases and two deaths; 28625, 36; 28036, 19 cases and one death; 28115, 54 cases and two deaths; 28117, 47 cases and one death; and 28125, 3. 

The cumulative number may differ from the county’s numbers as it has a different test confirmation process than the state. Some ZIP codes also encompass counties other than Iredell.

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