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A map showing the number of COVID-19 cases in each region of Iredell County, as of Thursday afternoon. The north and central regions are separated by Interstate 40.

Iredell County COVID-19 cases have increased by four, a Thursday afternoon report from the Iredell County Health Department reported. There are now 207 cases in the county.

Of those 207 cases reported, 125 people are assumed or estimated to have recovered. Three are hospitalized, and 73 are isolated at home.

There have been six coronavirus-related deaths reported in Iredell County as of Thursday afternoon.

North Carolina reported an increase of 788 COVID-19 cases Thursday morning with a total of 20,910 cases in the state.

A total of 716 people have died statewide in relation to the coronavirus as of Thursday morning.

As of Thursday, North Carolina has completed 290,645 tests, officials reported. There are 578 people currently hospitalized in the state.

For Iredell County, officials break down the cases into three regions. As of Thursday afternoon, the north (27020, 27028, 27055, 28678, 28634, 28636, 28660 and 28689) has 39 cases, the central region (27013, 28166 and 28677) has 72 and the south region (28036, 28115, 28117 and 28125) has 96. The 28625 ZIP code is split between the north and central.

The county health department does not release numbers for specific ZIP codes, but the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reports case numbers for each.

Among the ZIP codes that include Iredell County, the cases are a follows: In 27020, there are 24 cases; 27028, 37; 27055, 57; 28678, 1; 28634, 12; 28660, 4; 28636, 2; 28689, 5; 27013, 10; 28166, 6; 28677, 49 and two deaths; 28625, 35; 28036, 18 cases and one death; 28115, 52 cases and two deaths; 28117, 46 cases and one death; 28125, 3 cases.

The cumulative number may differ from the county’s numbers as the county has a different test confirmation process than the state. Some ZIP codes also encompass counties other than Iredell.

Among the COVID-19 cases in Iredell County, 37% are among those aged 25 to 49, 34% are among those aged 50 to 64, 17% are among those aged 65 or older, 11% are among those aged 18 to 24 and 1% are among those aged 17 and under.

Males make up 51% of cases.

Among neighboring counties, as of Thursday morning’s report, Mecklenburg leads the state with 2,894 cases. It has 70 reported deaths.

Cabarrus County has 406 cases and 21 reported deaths, though the total does not include a Virginia resident who died in the county. Rowan has 574 cases and 25 deaths.

Catawba has 129 cases and three deaths. Davie has 57 cases and two deaths. Lincoln has 54 cases. Yadkin has 124 cases and one death. Wilkes has 456 cases and one death. Alexander has 23 cases.

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