It’s pretty pinkies and twinkling toes at downtown Mooresville’s newest shop, Pinkies on Main.

Debuting on historic Main Street Oct. 8, Pinkies on Main extends professional manicure and pedicure services. Ombre to pink and white, deluxe pedis to polish changes, paraffin treatments to nail art, Pinkies owner Jill Bieber brings her cosmetology experience to Mooresville with her new business.

“I worked in many different things. You do what you have to do to pay the bills,” said Bieber, who first acquired her cosmetology license in Pennsylvania in 1989. Following significant salon work and an eight-year career in real estate, Bieber said she was “floundering” for the last few years after a move to Mooresville.

“Doing nails was the one thing that I thoroughly enjoyed,” she said, noting that opening her own business in her new home became a sincere goal — and opening it in a specific downtown Mooresville location was part of the plan.

“I love the building … I had my eye on this space for the last year and a half,” said Bieber who opened Pinkies at 162 N. Main St., the former Play It Again Sports. With a love for the original building architecture plus a desire for an open space where everyone could experience one-on-one attention, Bieber said the spot was ideal for her nail salon vision.

“We need less business offices and more services downtown,” she said. “It’s a beautiful, cute little downtown. Why not have a nail salon?”

Pinkies on Main boasts a robust menu of nail services within a light-filled, mellow site that welcomes conversation and focuses heavily on the health of the nail. The business retained the original wood floors and ornamented ceiling while bringing in four nail stations, three pedi spas and dozens of nail colors with more inventory and options anticipated soon. Nearly two months of work — including inspections and a fresh air ventilation system — brought Bieber’s business to life. Although her original September opening was delayed briefly, she saw an outstanding response upon opening the doors in early October.

“As soon as everything went through, we opened the doors,” she said. “Everybody has been thrilled. They just couldn’t wait. We were slammed as soon as we posted that we were open.”

She continued, “There hasn’t been anyone saying a negative thing about a nail salon being downtown. People were excited about it.”

Still in her first few weeks of operation, Bieber said the future looks bright for historic downtown’s first nail salon, and for her family’s business venture in Mooresville. Bieber opened the business alongside her husband, Jason, with hopes for her daughter, Caitie, to join her soon. The Biebers’ other daughter, Megan, owns Wagamuffins only two doors away on Main Street.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings … I expect us to give the best service where we don’t harm the nails. I want to have a happy atmosphere where people can come in and feel like they are part of the community … Everybody is important. You’re not just another client. You’re kind of part of the family.”

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