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In the Mooresville mayor primary, challenger Angela Carruba Stutts and incumbent Miles Atkins were the top two vote-getters and will be on the ballot in November.

Stutts was the top vote-getter by a narrow margin of 15 ballots. Stutts received 442 votes to Atkins’ 427. Darryl Cerro was a distant third in the voting with 27 total votes.

Stutts and Atkins will be on the Nov. 5 ballot.

All three Statesville City Council wards contested in Tuesday’s municipal election could result in a runoff.

David L. Jones Sr. led the tally for Ward 1 in the Statesville City Council municipal election on Tuesday. Jones led with 25.97% of votes cast. Tim Dearman followed with 22.67%. Dearman can request a runoff for the seat. Chris Lamberth received 22.29%, Mark Kleinhenz 22.09% and Tammy Wyatt 6.98%. A total of 516 votes were cast in the ward.

James Pressly led the voting for the Statesville City Council Ward 4 seat with almost 35% of the vote. Amy Lawton can choose to call for a runoff after earning 29% of the vote. In all, 489 people voted in the ward. Julius Hoke came in with about 24% of the vote, and Kyle Houston received just over 11% of the vote.

David Jackson led Ward 6 with 47.69% of the vote. Frederick Foster received 29.74% and could be in position for a runoff as well. James Neal took 17.95% of the vote, David Mayes Jr. 2.56% and Marvin Laxton 2.05%. A total of 195 votes were cast in the ward.

Candidates have until noon on Oct. 17 to call for a runoff.

“I’m pleased,” Dearman said in a phone interview Tuesday evening. “Especially since I didn’t put out any signs and didn’t take any donations.”

As for the possibility of calling for a runoff, Dearman said he was going to speak with his advisors before making that decision. Other candidates did not immediately respond to calls from the Record & Landmark.

These are unofficial results until canvassing is completed.

By Ross Kiefer, Megan Suggs, Brittney Melton and Donna Swicegood

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