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The Town of Mooresville has received the results of an external investigation into the police department. While the report continues to be under review, two officers have been demoted as a result of that investigation.

Deputy Chief Gerald Childress and Major Ron Chilton have each been demoted back to police officers, according to town officials. There are other pending actions in progress and the town is “leaning heavily on outside counsel regarding those actions in order to follow due process and be through and fair in evaluating and reevaluating information that might be provided,” according to the Town.

Additionally, a trio of officers has also been promoted, effective Monday.

Capt. Frank Falzone will be associate police chief overseeing the patrol division and will report to Acting Police Chief Ron Campurciani. Capt. Joe Cooke is promoted to second assistant police chief overseeing technical services and outreach division and will report to Campurciani. Major Eric Henderson is transferred to third assistant police chief overseeing investigations and field operations division and will report to Campurciani as well. Henderson was already a major on the command staff.

The report by independent agency U.S. ISS Agency, of Huntersville, was submitted to the Town of Mooresville Oct. 2. The Human Resource director is the only custodian of the full report. All decisions on any changes are made by the supervisor to whom the employees report.

Elected officials, such as Town Board members, do not receive a copy of the 5,000-page report because it deals with personnel issues. Those seeing the report summary will be the human resources director, town attorney and town manager.

The investigation, which costs up to $225,000, took eight months to complete. Police Chief Damon Williams and Capt. David Call were placed on paid leave early in the investigation and remain at that status.

There is no specific timeline for completing all aspects resulting from the report. Due to the fact that it addresses personnel issues, the report will not be made public.

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