Police officials are declining comment on the results of an autopsy that shows a Mooresville man was stabbed as well as shot during what has been described as a home invasion last month.

According to autopsy results released Monday for Matthew Stewart, 31, the husband and father of three was shot and stabbed several times at his home in the Gabriel Estates neighborhood in north Mooresville. The incident happened shortly after midnight on June 9.

A Charlotte TV station first reported the autopsy results Monday, which revealed information previously unreported by authorities, including several stab wounds the victim received during the attack.

However, Mooresville Police Chief Carl Robbins said in an email Tuesday that he did "not want to make specific comments on any of the injuries because I do not want to jeopardize an ongoing investigation."

Noting that investigators received a copy of the autopsy results, he added, "They are going through it for any information that may assist them in their continuing investigation. They will use any new information found in the report during future interviews and developing additional investigative leads."

Capt. Phil Blocker reiterated Robbins' comments Tuesday afternoon, saying the MPD does not plan to release an official statement concerning the autopsy.

The initial police report of the June 9 killing said Stewart was fatally shot and his wife, Angela, wounded in the arm. The autopsy, however, revealed stab wounds suffered as Stewart apparently tried to fight off his attacker.

Sustaining gunshot wounds to his face, chest, back and arm, Stewart was also stabbed in the neck, face and shoulder. Additionally, his body showed blunt force trauma wounds and defensive wounds.

Angela Stewart has said she and her husband were in bed when a gunman entered their bedroom at 158 Shephard Hill Drive and began shooting. She was able to escape to a neighbor's house with one of the children. The other children were not harmed.

No arrests have been made in the case.

"We are still receiving information from callers and each piece of information given to us is checked out to see if it is credible," Robbins said.

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