With school out of session all around the nation, local officials and teachers are working hard to make sure the students keep on track with their lessons and receive both the instruction and materials that they need to do so.

Coddle Creek Elementary School, on Presbyterian Road, Mooresville, is one of those — as was evident by the number of teachers, assistants, custodians, bus drivers and more lending a hand to pass out the distance learning materials to the parents as they came by the school Wednesday. Times both in the morning and afternoon were arranged for the material pickup in the loading area at the school. As the cars pulled up, school staff greeted the parents and children with a big wave and quickly got the appropriate lessons for them and wished them well.

All of the staffers helping with the distribution were volunteers, Principal Susan Fail said.

“No one has to be here. It’s all optional,” she said. “All are working together, it’s a team effort.”

The teachers said that they are doing this for the students.

“It’s all for the kids,” said first grade teacher Madi Parrish.

Lydia Wood, also a first-grade teacher at the school, added, “We have a great PTSO, and we are doing this for the families.” In speaking of the children, she said “we miss them.”

Fail said that “school is more than the classroom,” and this effort showed that even more so.

“It’s awesome,” she shared.

Coddle Creek Elementary School has 740 students, and nearly 85% of the students had opted to receive the lessons in paper form while the remaining chose the digital format. By Wednesday afternoon, Fail said they were nearing 200 packets being picked up. Thursday the buses went out and made stops on their normal routes and handed out additional packets.

Stephanie Wilhelm said that “all bus drivers will be on deck” when it came to helping out Thursday.

On Friday, Fail said, there was another opportunity for people to come to school to receive the packets. What happens to what is left over? Fail said she would do some home delivery.

The school staff is making every effort to make sure that the kids keep learning.

“I believe the parents have been appreciative (of these efforts) to keep the structure and learning moving forward in this time,” Fail said.

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