GREENSBORO — What better way to chase away the rainy-day blues than coming up with names for two baby fishing cats?

The Greensboro Science Center is seeking the public’s help to name the two female kittens, which were born April 3. Their genders were confirmed during a veterinary exam on Wednesday, the center said in a news release. 

Names can be submitted by responding to the science center's posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter by 5 p.m. this Friday.

The center's staff will narrow down the suggestions to the top six before opening a public poll to select the final names.

"We are beyond excited to have a litter of two fishing cat girls," Jessica Hoffman-Balder, the center's vice president of animal care and welfare, said in the release. "Of the 34 fishing cats housed in North American facilities, only 6 of them were reproductively viable females. Adding young girls to this population was crucial and these two new additions will play a tremendous role in the sustainability of these amazing cats."

The kittens will be kept behind the scenes for another month or two. Keepers will wait until the animals are able to easily move around, get in and out of water, jump and climb before giving them access to the exhibit.

The center has a "fishing cat kitten cam" (see above), a livestream of the kittens behind the scenes. The animals move around quite a bit, so they may not always be visible.

The science center is closed through May 31, because of the governor's stay-at-home order, but plans to reopen in June. Check the center's website for updates. 

The science center is home to five fishing cats. The family includes 8-year-old female Tallulah, who came from the Columbus Zoo and 6-year-old male Mako, who came from the EFBC Feline Conservation Center in California. Their son Angler was born at the center on Feb. 15, 2018.

Meanwhile, here's a video of the kittens' older brother, Angler, when he was learning the ropes from his mother.

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