Statesville firefighter Harold Baynes climbed into a storm drain Friday morning to rescue a young kitten.

Statesville Fire engine 4 and the Iredell Rescue Squad were called to the parking lot between K&W Cafeteria and Tractor Supply around 8:30 a.m. Friday by Iredell County Animal Control Office Paula Price.

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Price said a person who takes care of a registered feral cat colony that lives in the area behind K&W was checking on the cats Friday.

“He heard the kitten meowing and called us," Price said.

Price went to the area and discovered the kitten was about 10 feet below the parking lot in a storm drain and realized she needed additional help. That’s when the SFD and Iredell Rescue came to her aid.

Baynes went down into the storm drain and within a few minutes, rescued the kitten that seemed none the worse for his (or her) experience. The meows that drew the attention of the cat lover continued as the kitten was placed into Price’s truck.

Price loaded the kitten into a carrier for a trip back to Animal Control. She said due to the age of the kitten it can likely one day be put up for adoption.

“We’ll get him into a foster home and he’ll likely go up for adoption,” she said.

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