Sheriff Darren E  Campbell - Iredell Co  (3)

As the sheriff, and a lifelong resident of Iredell County, watching our crime rates lower on a consistent basis each year is personally rewarding. I attribute this reduction not only to the hard work and dedication of my deputies, but also to our law-abiding community members. One significant reduction factor is the usage of specialized units within the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office.

Utilizing specialized units is the best and most efficient way to conduct investigations that necessitate a particular skill or knowledge. If, for example, you are sick or are not feeling well, you may go to an urgent care, or see a general practitioner at the doctor’s office. However, in the event of a severe injury or need for a specialized procedure, you want a doctor who is specially trained to deal with your precise injury or condition. We take the same approach. Our deputies and investigators in the specialized units are highly trained in specific specialized areas of the law. Their specialty means they have received unique training, specifically related to the crimes they investigate. The results of the investment in their training are apparent, as these units play a major role in the consistent crime-rate reduction. They solve cases, arrest the offenders and try to keep our law-abiding citizens safe.

One of our specialized units that handles serious and delicate investigations is the Special Victims Unit. These investigators are highly trained in specific areas of criminal investigations that are sensitive in nature and require enhanced case security. Members of this unit investigate cases involving domestic violence, sexual assault, missing persons, senior citizens and child abuse or neglect, sex offender registry compliance, economic crimes, among other crimes related to those areas. Due to the complex nature of these investigations, the Special Victims Unit investigators receive continual training, including legal updates to keep them abreast of the most current investigative techniques and legal rulings.

Our Narcotics Investigators and Aggressive Criminal Enforcement (ACE) Team members are specially trained to investigate narcotics complaints. They are highly trained in the use of sophisticated equipment and technology, in addition to training that makes them the experts in enforcing laws related to illegal controlled substances.

Our crime lab is another, very crucial, specialized unit within the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office. We are one of a limited number of agencies who operate an in-house crime lab. Our crime-lab personnel are credentialed and certified in specialized areas, and have been recognized as expert witnesses in both state and federal courts. Having an in-house crime lab allows these experts to utilize their skills and training to process items of evidence within hours of a crime. The results are bar none, as we have the potential to arrest criminals much more quickly than if we have to send evidence off to the backlogged state crime lab, which can take months or years.

These examples are but a few of the specialized units we utilize here at the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office. We maximize the skills of our deputies and investigators to provide our citizens the safest county in which to live, worship and work.

If you have any additional questions about our specialized units, or any other area of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office, email or call me at 704-878-3180.

Darren Campbell is the Iredell County Sheriff.