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Do you know what nonprofits struggle most with on a daily basis? Connecting their mission to those people in the community who are best able to bring that vision to life. In fact, according to the recent Stanford Survey on Leadership and Management in the Nonprofit Sector, more than 80% of nonprofits struggle with at least one of their seven fundamental aspects to organizational success. Each of which can be directly tied into their ability to share their story and seek out potential volunteers and donors.

If this sounds like an agency you are involved in, then make sure they submit an application to be a part of Love United Iredell before Dec. 4.

United Way of Iredell County kept hearing through agency feedback that local nonprofits are struggling with sharing their mission to a wider audience than what they already impact daily. From this information, United Way of Iredell County began to brainstorm. Love United Iredell was created to help draw attention to positive community changes that are happening all around us and hopefully fund as many life-changing projects as possible within the county.

Accepted agencies will be presented in a common platform. Nonprofits will then be able to share their mission and tell their story to potential donors during the 14 days of media attention. Using social media, local connections/influencers, print and radio nonprofits will collaboratively be able to share poignant stories of their work.

Donors will have the opportunity to evaluate and learn more about each nonprofit before selecting which they would like to donate funds toward. Matching funds and prizes will be awarded to some of the participating organizations in alignment with the donations that occur.

For more information on this opportunity visit United Way of Iredell County at: https://uwiredell.org/love-united-iredell/. In addition, any agencies which would like to brainstorm ideas can feel free to call United Way of Iredell County directly to make sure efforts align across the area at 704-872-3000.

I strongly encourage every nonprofit in the county to apply and maximize the benefits of this collaborative fundraising opportunity. A lot of lives could be impacted throughout the county in both the long- and short-term.

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