Summertime and childhood are synonymous with long lazy days of sunshine, popsicles and playgrounds.  It's a time for children to take a break, enjoy family, watch cartoons and simply be a kid.  Few adults would deny the importance of preserving summertime for young people today, as we constantly hear that kids are overbooked and stressed out. 

However; there is a fine line between the need for the summer months and the dreaded “summer slide.”  The summer slide is widely known as a child’s decline in reading and other academic skills during the months when school is not in session.  These months of downtime can present a real problem when children enter school in the fall.  So how can parents find a balance between good old-fashioned summer fun and the need to stay on top of reading growth?  It’s likely a little easier than it may seem.

By exposing children to opportunities to read and be read to, parents can prevent the summer slide.  Make sure you continue your routine of reading aloud to your children every day.  Take your child to the library regularly, and encourage them to read whatever is of interest.  Comic books, recipes, and the good ole ABC road sign game on the way to the beach or the park will help to sharpen a child’s reading skills. 

Begin searching now for summer camp opportunities.  There are lots of reasonably priced or free summer enrichment camp opportunities in Iredell County, and now is the time to pull out your calendar and sign your child up for one or two.   While the camp options are out there, they will fill up quickly in April and May as parents plan for summer.   Before you shake the sand out of the bottom of your suitcase and begin packing your flip-flops, check out camp opportunities to prevent the  Summer Slide. Come Fall, you’ll be glad you did!

Interested in the summer enrichment opportunities offered through the Iredell-Statesville Schools?  Check out a comprehensive list HERE