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Beer and wine will be available purchase throughout Wake Forest's BB&T Field and Joel Coliseum.

So it wasn’t enough that Wake Forest decided two years ago to sell a little beer to a few people in one little booth at the football stadium. No, the Deacs have decided to turn BB&T Field into a bar.

Starting this fall, beer and wine will be sold “stadium-wide.”

Is the football really that bad at Wake that they have to offer you alcohol to go watch? That they have to get you drunk to get you to stay? What’s next, LSD sales in the parking lots?

This was just a little Baptist college a few years ago. They didn’t even like dancing until they moved to Winston-Salem in 1956. And now they’re inviting citizens of the Twin City to come throw back a few cold ones with the Deacons?

The school will be the first in Division I in North Carolina history to do this.

Go Deacs. You’re all going straight to hell.

Wake will also sell beer and wine at basketball games this winter. That’s right. All those front-row maniacs will be armed with glasses of red wine. You think Karl Hess had a bad night in the Joel? Just wait.

The ACC had no comment, but then again, the league started selling alcohol at its championships last year. See what happens when you merge with the Big East?

There’s no turning back now for little Wake Forest. This is sacrilege. This is blasphemy. This is the worst thing I’ve ever heard.

But I hope they serve in the press box.

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