Larry Sullivan

Larry Sullivan

Hey, what’s the big idea? I’m glad you asked. Let me preach on it.

Sports, as is the case with life itself, aren’t fair. The best team doesn’t always win.

Consider, if you will, the current case as a prime example.

For the next several weeks, a foursome of territories all within a 90-minute drive or so from Mooresville will be basically abuzz with baseball-related activity.

This week, play draws to a close within the North Carolina Junior American Legion Baseball Tournament in the combination High Point/Thomasville area. Later this week, small-town Cherryville will come to big-time life as the host of the N.C. American Legion Baseball Championship for the qualifying Senior Division teams. Starting early next month, Asheboro will open up its arms to host the American Legion Baseball Mid-Atlantic Regional. Climaxing the in-state trip will find Shelby once again in the spotlight when welcoming all of the nation’s best teams to participate in the Little League World Series at the premier American Legion level.

Sadly, Mooresville is missing the boat on all fronts for this year. However, there is an ideal idea being floated around that may well help remedy that situation in the future.

Here’s the pitch.

As it turns out, Area IV member Cherryville is serving as this year’s state AL title event host because no member of the Area II – whose turn it was to take a turn as the home entry — showed any interest in filling that role. The thought is now turning toward the fact that it may well be Area III’s turn to step up to the plate for the coming year.

That’s where Mooresville comes into the picture frame. Imagine the possibilities should the duo of Gresham-Baker Post 66 and the Mooresville Spinners organization form a tag team in order to help bring such a marquee attraction to town. If such an idea strikes a chord, now is the time to start acting on it.

Of the scheduled events, only the Little World Series is not up for any site change. Shelby has gone to great lengths to provide a top-notch playing facility and has been awarded accordingly as the permanent site for the competition. However, the state’s Junior and Senior tournaments as well as the regional attraction can all be awarded based on bids.

While the immediate area has no current Junior Division team in existence, the list of possible attractions dwindled to just the North Carolina and/or Mid-Atlantic Regional affairs. With the cooperation of the Moors and Spinners, perhaps no other single location across the state boasts a better possible playing scenario.

The Moors’ home Mooresville High School field is perfect for most weather-related worries due to an artificial playing surface covering the majority of its facility. Just around a mile or so away, the Spinners’ home Moor Park site is also suitable as a potential site. It’s not out of the question that both locations could see some action. The Spinners could also plan their game schedule accordingly in order to recognize all team members for their success.

Perhaps the most notable perk in place is the fact that the American Legion team that hosts any of the affairs receives an automatic bid to participate.

It’s an idea worth exploring. To bring it to life, the ball needs to start get rolling now.

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