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Akin to an out-of-classroom learning lab, staff members of Langtree Charter Academy took to the task of providing some students with hands-on experience earlier this week. As part of the school’s Chick-fil-A Leader Academy, LCA’s Upper School Campus hosted a staff vs. students basketball game designed to benefit community organizations. During the course of the game’s action, Langtree Assistant Principal Michael Silver (at left) receives a floor-side view of fellow staff member Arlan Wallace’s attempted block of student Lee Queveon Tate’s shot. The shot was also witnessed by (at right) freshman academy teacher Duane Grady. All proceeds from the game will be used to support the “Food For Days” program that packs food for the weekend for students in need. Befitting the theme that found each of the two teams donned in uniforms designated as “Frosted Flakes” for the teachers and “Captain Crunch” for the students, full boxes of cereal were also collected for the Mooresville Christian Mission. The impact project conducted by the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy was the second of three planned to take place during the school year.

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