Larry Sullivan

Larry Sullivan

Mooresville’s baseball boys of summer are back!

Well, almost anyway.

And yes, if your want to get down to actual calendar-based specifics, the Mooresville Spinners – the area’s hometown college-level wooden bat baseball organization – are set to formally make their official return during what will still be spring. Season-opening play for the entry is set to take place coinciding with the arrival of the extended Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Other than that, though, all other previously-mention material is accurate.

The ball is rolling towards what is once again being anticipated to once again emerge into a successful show on the part of our beloved Spinners. How successful? I’m glad you asked.

Already, team-related paperwork and social media-based logo material recognizes the Spinners as the reigning Southern Collegiate Baseball League’s champions. They earned that title after starving off elimination several times before sweeping the league’s best-of-three championship series to complete the run through the SCBL’s postseason tournament. The feat allowed last year’s club to fashion a 32-13 overall record that ranks among the best all-time in program ranks.

The crowning achievement came to celebrate Mooresville’s fifth-year of existence. From appearances, the Spinners have no signs of slowing.

As expected, the franchise’s upgrade into the SCBL – a definite improvement in the amount of competition experienced from its previous stay in the lower-level Carolinas Virginia Collegiate Baseball League – has also increased the caliber of talent being courted by the organization. Team officials are confident that the roster being comprised will be one of the most talented in its history.

There in, though, perhaps lies the rub.

As part of the process, the services of more and more potential team participants are being sought from areas well outside the surrounding territory. Don’t go getting the Spinners’ front office personnel wrong. They most definitely appreciate the fact that their rosters of the past have included an abundance of local talent. It has continued to be one of the organization’s drawing cards that enable it to boast of being among the league-leaders in attendance throughout their history.

In order to keep that community connection tightly-knotted, the area now has the chance to do its part to stay actively involved.

Several of the players signed to join the Spinners for the fast-approaching upcoming campaign are in dire need of some housing arrangements. The franchise has devised a host family program that has proven to be a success in past seasons. More of the same is now needed in order to entice those players to suit up and play for the local entry. The team is openly asking for any area family capable of doing so to make room in their households for a special guest over a two-month span.

Busy-body Phillip Loftin, the team’s general manager, is also the one in charge of securing the housing opportunities for the players in need. Loftin can usually be found roaming the grounds on the team’s home Moor Park facility by tacking on grounds keeping duties as part of his loaded list of responsibilities.

All interested in housing a Spinners player to help the team hit the equivalent of a home run are urged to contact Loftin at as early as possible.

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