Larry Sullivan

Larry Sullivan


On the surface, it may seem that some six months — if not indeed more than that — worth of pre-planning is way too much time needed to iron all of the much-needed issues.

Upon digging deeper, it is revealed that even that may not be near enough time to make sure all matters are properly addressed.

Organizational members of the committee taking it upon itself to cross all the necessary “T’s” and dotting all the “I’s” are finding themselves in just such a situation these days.

As — hopefully — you know by now, a special ceremony is in the works on tap to take place just past the middle of March that is being used to pay particular attention to all the state championship-winning sports teams in place in the Mooresville High School athletic department. And there are many.

Actually dating back over more than 60 years, a total of 16 squads have merited the right to call themselves state champions. Now stop right there.

Any and all glancing over the list who even remotely consider that any of the state champs are held in more and/or less regard than any other can simple stop reading this memo right here.

Now that we’ve cleared that air, the list of crews collecting state titles reads like this: 1961 in football; 1970 in girls basketball; 1989 and 1991 in boys soccer; 1993, ‘94 and again in 2004, volleyball; 2006, ’07 and again in ’08, boys cross country; 2007 and again in ’08, boys spring-season outdoor track and field; 2008 in boys winter-season indoor track and field; 2018 and repeating in ’19, wrestling; and, most recently, 2019 in baseball.

Wow indeed.

Now, for clarification sake, consider that both the ’61 Blue Devils football entry and the ’70 girls basketball team capped what at the time was the equivalent of the state championship trophies when play across the state was still divided into separate West and East regions. All other entries have prevailed within their respective classification ranks involving teams from across North Carolina. However, the accomplishment made by all deserves equal commendation.

And that is coming.

Organizers are hopeful that as many direct participants on as many of the state title-winning teams as possible will play a hands-on role in the saluting process.

Although the ceremony itself is not on tap to take place until the middle of March Madness next year, with an official date set for March 21 on the MHS campus, it’s imperative that as many of those immediate players and/or coaches as possible touch base in regards to planned participation. It’s the idea that speeches will be held by representatives of all the state championship teams during the course of what is being billed as Mooresville’s Night of Champions.

More than just the teams will be saluted. All individuals having captured state titles in various events are also openly extended an invitation to attend and be similarly saluted.

The emphasis in being placed on the time frame involved. All wishing to be so singled-out are urged to make those intentions known as soon as possible. Contact Dr. Mike Royal at or via 704-658-2537 to help get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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