At least once a week, like clockwork, it’s now assured that current senior class members of Mooresville High School’s Class of 2020 — including all its spring sports season’s-athletes — will be saluted on several of the campus’ sites.

Through the conclusion of the scheduled school year, the bright lights on the MHS combination softball/baseball complex as well as at adjoining Coach Joe Popp Stadium will be turned on every Friday at precisely 8:20 p.m.

What’s so special about the timing?

By military time, the recognition will be held at 20:20 to also signal the school year.

The weekly lighting ceremony will take place for 20 minutes.

During the spring season, the school’s baseball and softball teams each make use of the same complex.

Meanwhile, Mooresville’s girls soccer squad, girls and boys track and field entries, and girls and boys lacrosse teams all engage in their scheduled home contests inside the CJPS site

Late last week it was announced by N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper that all of the state’s public schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year, also cancelling all scheduled spring sports schedules in the process.

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