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Aha! Just when you thought perhaps things simply just could not get any worse, what better time than now for, that’s right, you guessed it, another out-of-the-closet edition of the once-in-a-while Larry’s Sportside SportsTalk. I hear you calling!

On the shelf for what seems like ages, the one-of-a-kind, often-imitated, sometimes-copied yet never-duplicated, call-in, printed-word sports talk show — you know it as the one that requires too many hyphens to identify — takes into consideration all subject-specific related items that might cross your mind.

Naturally, due to cancellations and suspensions in place throughout due to the presence and concerns over the spread of coronavirus, practically all levels of all sports as we have come to know and love them have been shelved. As a result, we’ve been reduced with only a few welcome exceptions to merely thinking about sports. That’s where SportsTalk steps in to the rescue.

You’ve got questions? I have the answers. Our lone land line, complete with a rotary-style dialing mechanism, is already ringing. After another ample amount of application of the trusty hand sanitizer sitting nearby, I’m picking up the receiver.

Great! And it’s about time. This is Melvin from McLelland Avenute. Where in the world have you been hiding?

Right here, my man Mel. It’s often the last place folks look. How’s that construction process going?

I hate you asked. I was wondering: What in the world do sports reporters have to do when there are no sports to report? You getting bored?

Absolutely not. And thanks for the concern. I’ve gotten the knack of thumb twiddling down to an art form. Don’t scoff. I can get both digits rotating in opposite directions and going forward and backward together as well. I’ve even been able to move them in matching directions. Try that. I’ve also finally mastered the capability of reading of the bottom line in place streaming across the bottom of the screen while also watching broadcasts of some tape-delayed past games on ESPN. In the past, I was unable to do the multi task.

Seriously? This is Evan from East Eden Avenue. Are there really any positives we can get from the postponing of the area high school sports?

Are they? Are they? There are. While waiting, we can revel in the fact that Mooresville’s girls soccer and softball teams as well as Lake Norman’s softball squad all continue to remain undefeated. In the case of the two softball entries, the Blue Devils and Wildcats were each among the ones getting some early nods by both being ranked among the top 20 teams in the last updated N.C. 4A class poll. Also, the status of Mooresville’s baseball team remains unchanged. The Devils continue to rule as reigning N.C. High School Athletic Association 4A class champs, a title that could be retained in what now appears to be the very likely case that the spring season cannot be played at all. So, See? Not all the news is negative.

Good news indeed. This is Harold from Hillcrest. Are all of the area’s sports activities benched?

Nope. And that’s good to see if you know where to look. Some local golf courses continue to operate as usual. Many of the area recreational park’s ball fields and some public basketball courts also remain busy. While being cautious to a fault, it’s nice to know that some of our regular routines remain unaffected by the major health situation.

Stay safe and healthy until we speak again.

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