It may well be considered a classic case of preaching about what has been practiced.

Mooresville native Chris Hunsucker is the one standing front and center at the podium.

Based in large part on an impressive performance in the last year alone, Hunsucker has parlayed the effort into now being recruited as a correspondent for a program in which he has served as a client for several years.

A golfer by preference and profession, current San Antonio, Texas resident Hunsucker has recently been announced as one of the newest online instructors in the Top Speed Golf organization.

His appointment was confirmed just earlier this week.

It allows Hunsucker, who played his high school golf at Mooresville High School and continued the amateur phase of his career at nearby University of North Carolina at Charlotte, to tout a program he has been a pivotal part of since 2016.

He first discovered Top Speed Golf when joining as an All Access Member. The system showed near immediate success. Following the provided instruction, Hunsucker improved his swing speed from around the Professional Golf Association Senior Tour average of 104 miles-per-hour up to an average of 111 mph. That equates to around an additional 18 yards of distance. When really reaching back, Hunsucker can actually reach a swing speed of 114 mph.

While a fan of the process, it wasn’t entirely his personal involvement that swayed personnel within the Top Speed Golf to seek his services.

That deciding factor took place courtesy of his accomplishments out on the course.

Most notably, it was the situation confronted and conquered during the course of late year’s United States Senior Open conducted by the United States Golf Association.

Just days before he was scheduled to appear in one of the last available qualifiers for participation in the marquee professional event, Hunsucker underwent surgery for colon cancer. During that procedure that was actually the result of a doctor’s appointment arranged by his wife, a portion of his colon and 24 lymph nodes were removed.

While still in recovery only 11 days after the operation, Hunsucker still competed in the qualifier held in Texas and also survived a two-player sudden death playoff process for the final remaining alternate position for the U.S. Open.

His quest, however, was still in question. He was informed of possible admittance to the field and made the trip to the Open’s site held in Indiana on stand-by status in case one of the confirmed participants withdrew. As it turned out, that was just the case, and Hunsucker was able to appear in the first U.S. Open and USGA-sanctioned affair of his golfing career.

It was such determination that attracted the attention of select Top Speed Golf administrators also on site personally to witness his performance.

A past participant in several professional golf mini tours, the game of golf has taken Hunsucker to many courses across the continent. He counts one case in particular when he awoke one morning in South Africa to find a baboon sitting on his bed. He has come close to securing professional status by attending the PGA Champions Tour Qualifying school, available to golfers age 50 and older, and advancing to that phase’s finals two of the last three years.

Most recently, after embarking back on a competitive career that was put on hold due to family-related obligations, he has won two of the last three Texas Senior Opens while playing in a field against former members of the PGA.

Hunsucker has already begun his commitment with Top Speed Golf. He is in the process of securing individual appointments for all looking to also improve on all areas of their golf game.

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