A member of the Royals stays in touch with second base during a tag attempt by a Blue Devils infielder during first-weekend play in the Mooresville Recreation Department's Adult Baseball League. 

The game of baseball itself hasn’t changed that much since they last regularly played.

But the ones doing the playing now most definitely have.

One admitted to gaining around 25 to 30 pounds since he last donned a uniform for organized competition.

Another revealed that he is now juggling responsibilities associated with adjusting to a new job while helping his wife raise of family consisting of two children both under the age of 3.

Still, the desire to play baseball remains just as strong.

They are among a group getting just that second chance courtesy of a revitalized program being conducted by the Mooresville Recreation Department.

The MRD is now in the process of offering play in the Adult Baseball League that is providing an outlet for those still seeking to compete in the game.

“ We did some inquiring,” said Vic Garrett, assistant athletic manager with the MRD, “and found out that there was some interest out there. We had a similar league that played for a couple of years round 10 summers ago. We made some contacts and gathered interest from enough teams to form a league. Hopefully, it will catch on and continue to grow.

The league caters to players age 18 and above. Rosters feature players in the upper teens to those in excess of 50 years of age.

Currently, four teams form the field. The teams consist of the Blue Devils, Royals, Giants and Orioles.

All of the players have completed their respective high school campaigns. Many have also remained involved in the game of baseball, while a few have been absent from the game for several years.

Each of the teams is limited to 25 players. Play is presently underway, so all team rosters have been finalized.

Play is slated to take place throughout the rest of July and all of August. Action takes place in the form of doubleheaders held on Saturdays and Sundays. All four teams are assured of two games each weekend.

During the course of the ongoing regular season, all games consist of seven innings each. A postseason tournament is also scheduled to take place. Games during that portion of play may be extended by two more innings.

Each of the teams will face off against the other three four times apiece — doing so in a pair of doubleheaders — to constitute the 12-game regular season for all entries.

All games within the MRD’s Adult Baseball League, one of the organization’s newest additions to its summer season line-up of programs, take place on the host Mazeppa Road Park combination baseball/softball complex.

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