The constant clicking of the sticks was downright difficult to dismiss.

That was the case with the conducting of the Lake Norman Lacrosse Summer Classic held in the Mooresville area.

At given times throughout the past weekend, all six of the fields in place at Mazeppa Road Park complex were filled to the brim with matches taking place as part of the seasonal cassic.

Teams from several states and comprised of participants featuring a range of playing experience stormed onto the site for competition held in a total of eight divisions.

Once again, as has become tradition, the Lake Norman Carpetbaggers Lacrosse organization teamed with the Mooresville Convention & Visitors Bureau to co-host the attraction.

All of the artificial-surfaced fields at Mazeppa as well as those comprised of natural grounds were in practically non-stop use throughout the affair. Scheduled play took place throughout Saturday and Sunday.

In order to accommodate all the participating players as well as their immediate and extended family members and accompanying additional followers, the facility’s “No Parking on Grass” warning signs were waived as even the provided overflow parking lot wound up being overfilled with vehicles related to the proceedings.

Teams from all across North Carolina joined those from bordering South Carolina and Tennessee as well as Georgia to contend for championships up for grabs in the various age and/or gender divisions.

Among female-based entries, titles were dangled for those competing in the High School, Junior Varsity, Middle School and Elementary level categories, respectively.

As for male-made teams, they fought for bragging rights within the age-based groups made up of those comprised of the 2020-21, 2022-23, 2024-25,and 2026-27-28 graduating class divisions.

All girls players were required to be equipped with mouth protection, eye goggles and some limited head guard in particular when it came to the goalkeepers.

All boys players were required to don additional body protection equipment in the form of helmets and shoulder/lower-arm pads in keeping with the added contact that takes place with their particular bouts.

The event continued a trend in place serving to bring attention to the growing sport of lacrosse in the surrounding Mooresville and Lake Norman area. Attendance to all the action was free to all view the matches.

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